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AMPERE, a marketing acronym; a word or phrase containing 
1st letters of marketing services; branding; multiple sales information. 

Ampere's Creative Director, Pat Cragin is a recognized Professional Filmmaker : Producer, Director, Cinematographer, specializing
in Christian  Books - Screenplay Adaption Services.

Pat is a free-lance PROFESSIONAL, NETWORKS with Christian and Commercial Media, Sales and Marketing PROFESSIONALS. 

Ampere, a unit of Christ energy.
Utilizing existing sales and marketing media tools; identifying unique branding, LOGO design, trademark & registration for market awareness   Sales via HDTV • Print•CABLE•WEB•Streaming.

• Manufacturer Representatives for Golden Acoustics a division of Magyari Technogies, LLC, 
Evolutionary acoustic tuning panels • sonic diffusion chandeliers for theater, amphitheater, event conference centers, classrooms, churches, audio and media recording studios, movie sets-flats , rehearsal, and     home entertainment theaters. 


Coming soon! www., 
Custom filtration “lite” water vending systems -  tap-water, harvesting 
water from underground springs and wells. desalination of the 
oceans and seas, utilizing double-helix  distilling, re-mineralization 
with platinium electrolysis producing ph Balance Lite Water for 
human internal consumption and purified ph 3-5 Acidic Water for antiseptic external applications.  

AMPERE continues to seek out clients sourcing new technologies 
utilizing proven media formulas and product-services. 

“ I have been a free lance professional communicator and 
Manufacturer Sales Representative for nearly 35 years, operating 
as TGBTG AMPERE AGENCY with many marketing and sales 
professionals and  friends...listening and chasing many dreams in          any format. It’s not format. It’s the idea. 
Today, I am committed to servicing Christian clients seeking their        rightful place in God’s light and prosperity.

Focus. Healthcare Christian Fellowship An International and Interdenominational Organization of Christian Caregivers. Founded in 1936.

 HCF is active in over 100 Countries around the World.

Many patients pass through our healthcare systems who never pass through a church.  Yet, while they are ill they often want to reach out 
to God; a God they don't know. They need someone to tell them the 
Good News of Jesus' forgiveness, care, healing, joy and salvation. 
This is our passion..our purpose. 

Soon to be released: Unabridged Archive Fifteen 
hours of HealthCare Christian Fellowship Power to Overcome Conference Guest Speakers. Dr. Arul Anketell 
                                                  Rev. Kenneth Raggoonath 
                                                  Chaplain Ollie Woods 
                                                  Chaplain Kathy Wuopio 
                                                  Dr. Sherry O’Donnell   
                                                  Dr. John Saba, 
                                                  HC President Host Dr. Karl Bandlien
  amd with HealthCare Christian Fellowship Detroit Music Ministry.

To God Be The Glory
Patrick J. Cragin



“First you fulfill your social responsibilities, then profit is but a mere reflection.”

Mitsubishi  Corp.

Mr. Fuzimo, CEO,


A Pat Cragin Film

Sealand Corporation


American Independent

Oil Company • Kuwait


  “A Matter of Life”

Beaumont Hospital

Development Film


    “I am Detroit”

Detroit Renaissance

  Development Film





   “We Don’t Want

         to Lose You”

   Oz of Prevention

              •                 Every Racers Dream


Radio• Film •HDTV  •Commercial •Web  

Corporate - Industrial Intrinsic Marketing, Publishing-Distribution,

Christian Media                                 

“Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.”

           St. Paul


‘Understanding comes by “study to show thyself approved.”

          St. Timothy


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To GOD Be the Glory